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When both your Windows and Linux machine use the same MAC address, it requires a special trick to maintain pairing on both installations
Signals offer a unique, low-level way of communicating with processes. But under certain circumstances, they can kill processes, even when they shouldn't.
Have you ever painted images with IPv6? I found out how in 30 minutes.
Tips and tricks I learned about handling restricted memory while working on microcontrollers at my first internship
I attended Rowdy Hacks 2022 at UTSA, and while I can't say I left smiling, I did create a pretty cool project that I'd like to talk about.
Through December, I decided to make heavy visual changes to many of my biggest projects, creating custom banners, of which I am quite proud...
This is my first time trying to create a proper blog, and my second time using GitHub pages. How did it turn out?