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Jekyll, GitHub Pages, and Azabani


This is my first time trying to create a proper blog, and my second time using GitHub pages, the first less than 2 weeks earlier.

As a cheap high school student with zero income and expensive subscriptions, it’s obvious that I wouldn’t try to brunt the cost of any sort of subscription for a site I barely use - well, not anymore, at least.

Jekyll is pretty cool - I’m really having fun learning new web tech (like Vue, BrowserSync, Sass). The syntax of the header is something new, but the templating language’s filters are something I’m already familiar with, using Jinja with Flask and Django already (great, a third dialect of both similar and completely different filters to get used to!).

GitHub pages is interesting too. The main feature is not in its performance, features or ease of use (the documentation is sort of hard to read), but in the fact that’s free. Free static site hosting with Jekyll, custom domains and HTTPS supported. That’s perfect for me, and I wish I had tried using it before now.

I’m planning to use Jekyll for my future projects now, creating a site for my school’s FTC Robotics team, and hopefully, for all of my projects deserving it.

Now, I know this may come as a surprise, but: I’m not very good at making good websites. This entire blog as of December 4th, 2020, is of Delan Azabani’s creation, with just a few edits. I hope to change that by designing my own site or changing enough to say that I’ve made it my own, but I haven’t yet had the chance to do that.

Delan, if you’re reading this before I get to improve it - I really admire your work. Your blog, your interests, your skills, everything I’ve read on around you is super cool. Even you website has it’s own unique LaTeX-like style. I have no idea if you had inspiration or came up with everything from the font to the fleurons to the super cool date icons on the index, but this is one of the most memorable and true developer sites I’ve come across.

I’ve cleaned up most of the pages and made the repositories structure a little easier to look through, and I’m going to continue doing that, but overall, this is Azabani’s work. I hope me copying your site comes across as admiration more than thievery. Additionally, the ISC license has been obeyed, and you are linked as the clear creator of the site.